World's most expensive ice cream costs $6,696 per serving

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May 18 (UPI) -- A Japanese ice cream company assembled some of the world's rarest ingredients to create an ice cream flavor that costs $6,696 per serving.

Guinness World Records announced Japanese brand Cellato earned the record for the world's most expensive ice cream with its new flavor, dubbed Byakuya.


The pricey treat's ingredients include a rare white truffle grown in Alba, Italy, that costs about $6,905 per pound. It also includes Parmigiano Reggiano and sake lees.

Cellato developed the flavor with Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef at Osaka restaurant RiVi. The company said it sought to combine European and Japanese flavors into something unique.

"It took us over 1.5 years to develop, with a lot of trials and errors to get the taste right. Achieving a Guinness World Records title made the effort all worth it," a Cellato representative told Guinness World Records.

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