Moose wanders into Alaska movie theater, eats popcorn

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April 24 (UPI) -- Workers at an Alaska movie theater captured photos and videos when a moose wandered into the building to feast on popcorn.

Kenai Cinemas confirmed a moose wandered into the movie theater's lobby and rooted around in the trash, eating popcorn and getting a McDonald's Happy Meal box stuck over its snout before leaving.


One employee recorded video of the moose entering the building and can be heard in the footage calling for manager Ricky Black, who said he was working upstairs at the time.

"She was behind the counter. She wasn't in immediate danger from the moose," Black told the Alaska Daily News of the employee. "And she's like, 'Stop laughing. This is serious.'"

Employees shouted at the moose and banged on walls until it left with the box still over its snout.

Nick Fowler, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said moose typically eat a diet of twigs, leaves and other plant materials.

"I do not know if a Happy Meal is good for a moose or not. However, I can confidently say that it's not in its natural diet," Fowler said.


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