Sugar-craving bear breaks into car, drinks 69 cans of soda

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April 19 (UPI) -- A British Columbia woman captured photos and video when a bear made a late-night visit to her home and raided 69 cans of soda from her car.

Sharon Rosel said her dog woke her up at her Earls Cove home about 3 a.m. and she looked outside to see a bear had shattered one of her car windows and was helping itself to the cans of soda she had purchased for her business.


"He was drinking massive amounts of soda," Rosel told CBC News.

She snapped photos as the thirsty bruin made its way through 69 of the 72 cans of soft drinks she had stored overnight in her car. She said the bear seemed particularly interested in Orange Crush, but gave up after sampling some diet cola.

Rosel said the damage to her car included ripped leather, a broken window roller and sticky residue everywhere.

"Of course, white leather interior goes really good with Orange Crush," Rosel said.

She said she is hoping her insurance company will pay for some of the damage.

Rosel said she is always careful not to leave food or trash in her car overnight, but she had not expected the cans of soda would attract a bruin's attention.


"I never thought it could smell pop through a can," Rosel told Coast Reporter.

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