North Carolina man's security camera records bear scare

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April 17 (UPI) -- A North Carolina man's home security camera was recording when he was relaxing outside and came face to face with a black bear.

David Oppenheimer of Asheville said his Ring camera alerted him to motion outside the house while he was relaxing in his outdoor recliner.


"I looked behind me and didn't see anything," Oppenheimer told CNN, "But about a minute later, the bear came along and was practically in front of me."

The encounter was caught on video by the security camera. The footage shows the pair make eye contact and Oppenheimer clings to a pillow and freezes until the bear runs off.

The resident said he believes the bear to be the same animal he has seen wandering around his house and raiding his bird feeder on previous occasions.

"The bears here are very peaceful," he said. "This one just caught me off guard."

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