Message in a bottle floats from Jamaica to Texas beach

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April 5 (UPI) -- A nonprofit doing a beach survey in Texas found a message in a bottle that had been launched by a vacationer in Jamaica several months earlier.

The Mission-Aransas Reserve, composed of scientists and education professionals who study the coast and waters of the Texas Coastal Bend, said in a Facebook post that researchers conducting a beach survey along the Texas Padre Island National Seashore found two messages in bottles last week.


The first to be detailed was written by Madi Whalen, a recent high school graduate from Kansas City, Mo.

The letter, dated June 13, 2022, said Whalen was vacationing in Jamaica with two friends when she launched the bottle.

"I wish I has some good secrets or something to share, but I really don't," Whalen wrote. "I wonder where this letter will end up."

The Mission-Aransas Reserve said details of the second message in a bottle will be shared on Facebook later in the week.

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