Mysterious Minion sculptures appearing in small Australian town

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March 21 (UPI) -- Residents of a small Australian town said sculptures of Minions have been appearing in locations around town since just before Christmas, and their origins remain a mystery.

Locals in Warrack, a Victoria town boasting a population of about 70 people, said the first Minions sculpture appeared just before Christmas, and the statues have continued to appear on various properties to reach a current total of 24.


Some of the scrap metal sculptures were designed to have uses such as mailboxes and planters, while others appear to be simple works of art dedicated to the yellow creatures from the Despicable Me franchise.

Mountainside Wines, the only business in the town, has been chronicling the Minion appearances on Facebook.

Residents say there are now more properties in town with Minion sculptures than there are without.

The creator of the sculptures remains a mystery. One installation was captured on CCTV cameras, but one of the culprits was disguised in a Santa Claus costume and the other was unclear in the footage.

Shane Goninon, owner of Mountainside Wines, said he believes the mystery artist to be local resident Daniel "Buckie" Buckingham, whose property bears a sculpture of the Minions' master, Gru. Buckingham, in turn, pointed to Goninon as his chief suspect.


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