Rabbit rescued from subway tracks at Toronto station

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March 14 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers and Toronto Transit Commission workers teamed up to rescue a rabbit found living on the tracks at a Toronto subway station.

Rabbit Rescue Inc. personnel said the white rabbit, which had a patch of fur on its back dyed pink, was reported to the organization March 8, but witness reports indicate the animal was living on the tracks at the Rosedale station for at least two weeks.


"Apparently the bunny was there around two weeks, from someone who saw the bunny while walking there. The same bunny with the pink dye on her back, so I think that she was originally dumped around the area and made her way into the tracks," volunteer Lousi Mokhtarians told CTV News.

Mokhtarians said the rabbit was able to survive due to its intelligence.

"She was dodging the trains every second. She knew where to hide, but she was very scared," she said. "She knew exactly when the trains were coming. She would just go under [to] an area where she couldn't be hit by the trains."

Rabbit Rescue Inc. personnel said they were unable to locate the rabbit on their first capture attempt, but a video captured a day later revealed the bunny's hiding spot.


Volunteers returned to the station and TTC workers were able to venture out onto the tracks to find the rabbit.

"We had eyes on the bunny, so we knew where it was hiding," Mokhtarians said. "So, we just told them, 'OK, the bunny's in here.'"

The bunny was lured out of her hiding spot with bananas and taken back to the rescue's facility.

The rescue said in a Facebook post that the female rabbit, now named Rosedale, will be made available for adoption after she has been spayed and vaccinated.

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