Houston podcast taping interrupted by SUV crash

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March 8 (UPI) -- A pair of men recording a podcast at a Houston cafe captured video of the moment an SUV smashed into the windows right behind their seats.

Podcast host Nathan Reeves and his guest, friend and photographer Alexsey Reyes, were recording the fifth episode of Reeves' podcast inside the Tout Suite off Commerce Street during the weekend, when their video camera captured the moment the vehicle struck the windows behind them.


"We were just talking to the camera, and the car smashes into our backs. I go into instant shock. I'm not sure what's going on," Reyes told KTRK-TV.

The moment occurred just seconds after Reeves remarked on how quiet it was inside the cafe.

"I was freaking out, I turned to everyone in the cafe, and I'm like, 'I got that all on film.' Everyone got a front-row seat, there was no one at the table with us, and they all saw what happened," Reeves said.

Reeves and Reyes were not injured in the crash. They said the family inside the SUV were also uninjured.

The crash was reported to Houston police.

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