Snowmobiler's close call with charging moose caught on video

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March 7 (UPI) -- A man snowmobiling with family members in Idaho jumped off his vehicle just in time to avoid being trampled by a charging moose -- and the moment was caught on camera.

Jeremiah Bigelow posted a video to Facebook showing the scene that unfolded when he went snowmobiling near the town of Palisades with his son, his brother and two friends.


Bigelow said his brother had pulled out ahead of the group when the moose suddenly ran out between them.

"My brother saw what happened and was trying to draw the moose's attention away from us," Bigelow wrote.

Bigelow said his brother thought he could outrun the moose on his snowmobile, but the engine died. The video shows Bigelow's brother jump from the vehicle just as the moose collides with it.

Bigelow said the moose was not injured and walked off into the woods after tripping over the snowmobile.

He said everyone in the group learned a valuable lesson about keeping their distance from wildlife.

Moose are native to nearly the entire state of Idaho and live year-round in the state.

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