Michigan chicken dubbed world's oldest by Guinness World Records

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March 2 (UPI) -- A Michigan woman's pet chicken was certified as the oldest in the world by Guinness World Records after the hen's age was confirmed to be at least 20 years and 304 days.

Guinness World Records said Peanut, a Belgian d'Uccle/Nankin mix belonging to Waterloo resident Marsi Darwin, had her age verified by Dr. Julia Parker, the veterinarian who first saw Peanut as a full-grown adult in 2003.


Darwin said Peanut has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in her coop.

"I'm sure she has outlived quite a few of her children," Darwin told GWR.

Darwin said Peanut almost didn't survive past her own hatching.

"I ended up peeling it out of the egg. As the chirping grew fainter, I feared the chick would not survive. A pitifully wet, wadded-up mess sat in my hand. I wrapped it in a towel and carried it close to my heart as I set up a cage and mounted a heat lamp with one hand," she told The Sun Times News last year.

Darwin said Peanut is now a "doddering old lady," but she always answers to her name and she "loves to be cuddled."


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