Dog rescued after living with coyotes for months in Nevada

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Feb. 6 (UPI) -- A dog was rescued in Nevada after spending at least 7 months living in the wild with a pack of coyotes.

Susan McMullen of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team said the white dog, dubbed Ghost, was first spotted traveling with a pack of coyotes in July.


Neighbors in the Inspirada area documented sightings of the canine, who was occasionally recorded by trail cameras and home security cameras.

McMullen said Ghost may have been a pet abandoned by his owner.

"It seems like he may have been put out there between seven and eight months and somehow or another, the coyotes just accepted him," she told KVVU-TV.

McMullen said she and her partner, Timi Zondiros, began to worry for Ghost's safety when he was recently seen limping.

"He was actually just running with them and eating with them, but then he started to limp, and we were afraid limping that the coyotes could turn on him," McMullen said.

She said Ghost was successfully captured last week, when he walked into a crate baited with food.

McMullen said the dog turned out to be extremely friendly toward humans, but is dealing with numerous health issues including an ear infection, eye infection, skin issues, a broken toe that needs to be amputated and scarring from old fights. She said Ghost also needs to be neutered.


"He's got some rocks in his belly because he was probably hungry and ate some rocks, so we are just going to watch those and hopefully those will pass so we don't have to have yet another surgery," McMullen said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for Ghost's veterinary bills. McMullen said the goal is for Ghost to eventually be adopted into a loving home.

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