Fish spends owner's money, reveals credit card info on YouTube stream

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Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A Japanese YouTuber created a custom setup to allow his pet fish to play Pokémon on his Nintendo Switch, but a malfunction led to the fish spending money at the eShop and revealing its owner's credit card information on live stream.

YouTuber Mutekimaru, aka Maurice, runs a channel on the video sharing site where his fish plays various games in the Pokémon franchise.


The betta fish controls the game by swimming to different areas of its tank, which have been outfitted with sensors that simulate pushing the buttons on Maurice's Nintendo Switch.

Maurice set up the system to live stream the fish playing Pokémon Violet, the latest entry in the series, but a malfunction during game play led to the Nintendo Switch returning to its home screen.

From the home screen, the fish's movements caused the Nintendo eShop to open and the pet spent $4 of its owner's money to buy points. The fish also revealed Maurice's credit card information on the live stream.

The fish also managed to download an app to play Nintendo 64 games, spent reward currency on a new avatar, requested a confirmation email from PayPal and changed Maurice's account name from "Mutekimaru" to "ROWAWAWAWA."


The fish was finally able to power off the Switch console before Maurice discovered what had been happening on the live stream.

Maurice said he reached out to Nintendo to explain the unusual incident and the company refunded the money spent by the aquatic gamer.

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