Dog on his hind legs jumps rope 32 times in 30 seconds for world record

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Jan. 11 (UPI) -- A jump-roping dog and his German owner broke a Guinness World Record by skipping over a rope together 32 times in 30 seconds.

Wolfgang Lauenburger, a dog trainer whose talented canines have performed in circus acts, taught one of his dogs, Balu, to jump rope on his hind legs.


The duo made an official attempt in Stuckenbrock, North Rhine-Westphalia, and earned the record for most skips by a dog on hind legs in 30 seconds when they both vaulted over the rope 32 times in half a minute.

Lauenburger and his dogs have set multiple Guinness World Records. His daughter, Alexa, is also a dog trainer and has appeared on Germany's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent.

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