Moose blamed for Saskatchewan man's cracked windows

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Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A Saskatchewan man said a moose on the loose in his neighborhood left him with a pair of cracked windowpanes.

Craig Lapointe said he was not home Tuesday afternoon, but he heard there had been a moose wandering his neighborhood in the East College Park area of Saskatoon and Abby, a 4-year-old west highland white terrier he's dog sitting, has been known to bark provocations at anything she sees outside his windows.


"I think maybe it was looking for something to eat and with her barking so strongly, that's how the animal reacted against that window," Lapointe told CTV News.

Ryan Brook, a wildlife researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, said Lapointe's explanation isn't far-fetched.

"If there was a pet, and in this case, there sounds like there was more than one pet, the animal may have hit more than once on purpose," Brook said. "Moose can be very aggressive. They're big. Often the biggest animal around. They have a tendency, if they're startled by animals or people, they may go on the offensive."

Moose are native to the Saskatoon area and have been known to wander into the city from time to time. A pair of the animals were seen wandering the city's streets in July 2022 before being escorted out of town by police.


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