Unicycle rider nears end of Maine to Florida journey

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Jan. 4 (UPI) -- A 19-year-old unicyclist riding his single-wheeled vehicle from Maine to Key West, Fla., has entered his destination state, but still has hundreds of miles to go.

Avery Seuter, 19, who is originally from Jacksonville, Fla., but now lives in Maine, said his unicycle ride down the Eastern Seaboard is aimed at raising money and awareness for the East Coast Greenway, a project aimed at creating a network of connected cycling trails into one complete route down the east coast of the United States.


Seuter arrived Sunday in St. Augustine, Fla., after traveling about 1,800 miles since starting his 15-state journey in early September. He was spotted riding Tuesday in Palm Coast, about 445 miles from Key West.

The unicyclist said he has relied on the hospitality of strangers during his journey.

"Everybody who I stay with gets to sign my helmet, so I've collected a lot of names. It's kind of a record of everyone I've met along the way," Seuter told WJXT-TV.

Seuter said he travels about 20 to 30 miles per day, as his unicycle only takes him up to speeds of 8 or 9 mph. He said he expects to complete the remainder of his journey in about five weeks.


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