Animal rescuers free deer stuck in California fence

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Dec. 14 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in California came to the assistance of a deer that became stuck between the bars of a fence.

Witness Jennifer Blevins spotted the deer during a walk in Pebble Beach and contacted the SPCA of Monterey County.


SPCA personnel arrived on the scene and put a blanket on the deer to keep it calm while using lotion to lubricate the animal's body for extraction.

Blevins said the rescuers were able to free the deer after about 10 minutes and the animal ran off with another deer that was waiting nearby.

The Duluth Police Department in Georgia conducted a similar rescue last week when a deer became stuck in a metal fence. A video shared by the department shows an officer pulling on a bar of the fence until it made an opening large enough for the deer to run away.

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