Woman dons 19 underpants in 30 seconds to break world record

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Dec. 12 (UPI) -- A U.S. woman living in Ireland broke a Guinness World Record by pulling on 19 pairs of underpants in 30 seconds.

Rachael Schmitt, who moved to Dublin earlier this year, said she decided to take on the record for most underpants pulled on in 30 seconds because it reminded her of making costume quick-changes while performing in theater productions.


"When looking for a record to attempt to break, this one stood out to me. I think this record is a great combination of speed and strategy, and matches my skill set well," Schmitt told Guinness World Records.

Schmitt was able to don 19 pairs of panties in the allotted time, beating the record of 17, which was set by Toshiaki Kasuga in Japan.

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