Firefighters in New York hoist dog out of 12-foot cesspool

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Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Firefighters responded to a home in New York's Long Island region to rescue a dog who fell into a cesspool and became stranded 12 feet under ground.

The homeowner said her dog, Duke, a black lab-French bulldog mix, fell into the cesspool through a manhole that had been uncovered for service.


The Melville Volunteer Fire Department responded to the home and found Duke swimming about 12 feet down in the cesspool.

The department called in help from the Huntington Manor Fire Department and the Suffolk County Emergency Services Unit.

The rescuers ended up using a rescue tripod and an animal snare to lasso Duke and lift him to safety.

"The dog was wet, dirty and afraid but uninjured and was escorted with family members to a local veterinarian for further evaluation," the Melville Volunteer Fire Department said in a Facebook post.

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