Big shark lands on fishing boat off New Zealand coast

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Nov. 9 (UPI) -- A New Zealand charter boat crew and their customers ended up with an unusual story to tell when a large shark jumped out of the water and landed on their boat.

Ryan Churches of Churchys Charter NZ said his crew and five customers were fishing for kingfish off the coast of Whitianga when a large mako shark took their bait.


"We were fighting it normally and it was jumping around. I told the customers, 'If it jumps in the boat get out of the way,'" Churches told the New Zeland Herald.

Churches said the shark came flying out of the water about 30 seconds later. The big fish's landing on the bow of the vessel was caught on video.

The skipper said the shark managed to flop itself back into the water after about two minutes.

"He got away safe. There's nothing much we could do. We can't go up the front to go near it because they go absolutely bonkers," he said.

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