TikTok artist entombs bag of Cheetos in 3,000-pound sarcophagus

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Nov. 8 (UPI) -- An artist who chronicles his bizarre projects on TikTok is going viral thanks to his latest stunt: burying a packet of Flamin' Hot Cheetos in a 3,000-pound concrete sarcophagus.

The TikToker, who goes by the handle Sunday Nobody, posted a three-minute video to the site showing the process of building, decorating and burying the snack food tomb in an undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest.


The artist said the project took him about four months to complete and cost about $1,250 in materials.

"I just do these meme art projects as a fun side hobby right now. My day job is working as an animator. When I'm not at my 9-5, I'm usually in my art studio," Sunday Nobody told Newsweek.

The snack-size bag of Cheetos was preserved in a block of resin, and the block was then suspended via cables in the middle of the otherwise empty sarcophagus.

He said anyone looking for a deeper meaning in the stunt might be disappointed.

"It's sometimes nice doing something that doesn't have a purpose," the artist told McClatchy. "I don't think every piece of art needs to have a great purpose. It can be just a silly idea that makes you giggle."


Sunday Nobody said the sarcophagus is buried in the Pacific Northwest, but he isn't revealing exactly where.

"The exact location is a secret," he said. "The way I found the land was by posting to my Instagram 'Does anyone own land in the PNW that would be willing to let me bury something on their property? (not a dead body)' and a very nice couple replied saying they'd love to be a part of the project."

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