Band responds to viral 'WEEZER' billboard in Utah with their own billboard

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Oct. 17 (UPI) -- A Utah man who went viral for renting out a Salt Lake City-area billboard to read "WEEZER" received a billboard response from the band four months later.

Cory Winn, CEO and founder of online T-shirt retailer Lucca International, took out a billboard near 5800 S. State Street in Murray in June and had the advertisement read simply "WEEZER" in comic sand font.


Winn told KSTU-TV he and his business partner Creed Stump thought it would be funny to put the band's name on a billboard in the "worst font ever." He said the stunt, which went viral after he posted a video of the billboard to TikTok, was inspired by a shirt sold by Lucca.

"It actually has the band members of Weezer on it in cartoon form, but it says 'I love One Direction' on it," Winn said.


The billboard has now received a response from the band itself, with a new billboard being erected about a mile away with the message: "Thanks to whoever bought the billboard down the road. -Weezer."

Weezer shared photos and video of the new billboard on its Twitter and TikTok pages.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think that just putting 'Weezer' on a billboard would warrant a response from the band themselves," Winn said. "It wasn't even a call out to them."

Winn said he is preparing a response to the band's billboard.

"[We'll] likely exchange the panel we already have there, but I'd like to keep this little text message thing going with them, see how far we can take it," he said. "We have a message prepared, ready to go right now, and it'll get up ASAP."

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