Lost diamond ring returned by stranger weeks later

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Sept. 20 (UPI) -- A Colorado woman who lost the diamond engagement ring given to her by her fiance shortly before he died was reunited with the precious item weeks later by a man who found it in the mud.

Raquel Aiken said she had just finished a game of tennis in Denver a few weeks ago when she apparently dropped her ring on the ground while fishing her keys out of her purse. She said she didn't realize what had happened until much later.


Aiken told KDVR-TV about her missing ring, and the story came to the attention of Dude Olguin, an employee at Brewery Bar II in Denver, when he overheard some customers talking about it.

Olguin said he wondered if the woman from the story was the owner of the ring he recently found.

"I was getting ready to go to my third job the next day. I was just going to my car, and I just happened to look down," Olguin told KDVR-TV.

"My first reaction, you know, temptation -- maybe go pawn it or to find a jeweler to tell me more about it," he said. "But really, my faith told me just to hold onto it and just wait and listen."


Olguin asked Aiken to meet him at the restaurant.

"He went to his car, he came back and there was the ring," Aiken said. "Immediately I was in tears, I couldn't believe it. I mean, it's just, it's a miracle."

Aiken hailed the reunion on Facebook as a "good story ending."

She said the return of the ring was especially meaningful, as her fiance, Tim, was especially fond of Brewery Bar II before his death.

"It definitely reconnected me again with my fiance," Aiken said. "The fact of where it was found and how it was found and an employee that works here at a place he loves. The whole connection is really, really amazing and a true blessing."

Olguin declined a reward for the ring's return.

"I told her, the payment for me is our friendship, like that's all I really needed was her to know that she had a ring and we're going to be lifetime friends," Olguin said.

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