Ohio couple capture video of rare white groundhog

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July 26 (UPI) -- An Ohio couple said they were driving home when they realized an object they initially thought to be a fast food bag was actually a white groundhog.

Chip and Cindy Waikem said they were driving home to Massillon from Canton when they noticed an object that initially appeared to be a white fast food bag in the grass was a living creature.


"My god, that is a groundhog," Chip Waikem recalled saying in an interview with WJW-TV. "We both were from a farm community and never saw such a creature."

Waikem reached out to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources on Facebook in the hopes of getting more information on the unusually colored woodchuck.

He said the couple's granddaughter named the groundhog "snowball."

It was unclear if the groundhog was albino, meaning its body completely lacks pigment, or leucistic, meaning it has only a partial lack of pigment.

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