Iguana found in Florida man's toilet for a third time

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July 14 (UPI) -- A Florida man said he has learned to lift his toilet lid "with apprehension" after finding iguanas inside the commode three times in under a year.

Bruce Bleyer of Hollywood said he has had to contact Bruce Bleyer of Iguana Lifestyles three times in under a year -- two times during the past week -- when he lifted his toilet lid to find an iguana inside the bowl.


"Every time I walk into the restroom, I open the lid with apprehension, every time," Bleyer told WSVN-TV. "This is twice in the last week, so it's happening more and more."

Rondan said the iguana incursions are a bit of a mystery.

"One time it was funny, second let's do something, but now the third time," Rondan said.

He said multiple attempts have now been made to keep the lizards from returning.

"We know it's not the vents," Rondan said. "We looked for little open sewer line around the house. He hasn't found one, so now we need to find out before someone does get hurt."

Rondan said the call was his third response to a toilet iguana in four days.


Bleyer said he is being extra cautious in the meantime.

"After the first time I said I would never sit down without looking. After the second time, I said the same thing. I'm not sure if I'll ever sit down again," Bleyer said. "We never know when they're going to appear."

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