Bear burglar breaks into Idaho man's car

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July 6 (UPI) -- An Idaho man captured video of a clever bear that repeatedly opened the door of his parked car outside of his house.

Christopher Josepheson said the bear burglary was the first incident of its type in his 30 years of living near Schweitzer Mountain.


"I saw a bear opening my car door. Then closing my car door. Then opening my car door. Then closing my car door, and then getting in and ripping up the door panel, and then jumping in and having its way with whatever snacks were in the car," Josepheson told KHQ-TV.

Josepheson said the bear had two cubs nearby, but did not display any aggressive behavior.

"Definitely not aggressive. They're more just lounging," he said. "They're hungry bears. They want a free snack."

Eric Donenfeld, the owner at Northwest Autobody, reached out to Josepheson and offered to repair the damage to his vehicle.

Donenfeld said his shop has already seen two vehicles damaged by bear break-ins this year.

"We want to look out for our neighbors, and I would suggest people to lock their doors, even if they live in nature. And even if they're not worried about their neighbors," Donenfeld said. "You never know what kind of other critters are going to crawl in there."


Idaho Fish & Game warned residents in March to be "bear aware" and keep all food, trash and other possible bear attractants in a secure place.

"Unsecured attractants such as trash or food are likely to habituate animals to human development and create dangerous human food-conditioned behavior. When this happens, bears may become aggressive and threaten human safety," the department said on its website.

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