Florida teen wakeboards on flooded streets

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June 29 (UPI) -- A Florida teenager made an adventure out of flooding in his area by tying a rope to the back of his dad's truck and going wakeboarding in the streets.

Brett Holland, 16, said he saw the flooding in the aftermath of Sunday's storms in Cape Coral and was reminded of a video he once saw on the Internet.


"When we were living in Mississippi, I saw a couple people doing this on the Internet," he told WBBH-TV. "And now that I wakeboard and surf I was like, 'I gotta do it!'"

Holland tied a rope to the back of his father's truck and wakeboarded behind the vehicle while his dad drove through the flooded streets.

"It was pretty fun. It was nice, relaxing just to get out there," Holland said. "I brought the rope with me, and the skimboard, and got out there. It was fun."

Holland said he wouldn't necessarily recommend others attempt his stunt.

"There's risks. I mean, I fell, skinned my hand a little bit," he said.

The Cape Coral Police Department said Holland's father could have been issued a citation if the stunt had been witnessed by an officer.


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