Connecticut woman arrives home to find a bear in the house

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June 15 (UPI) -- A Connecticut woman arrived home from work to find her house occupied by an unusual burglar -- a bear.

Shannon Davis said she arrived at her Winsted home Monday to find her cat was outside and staring at a window in an unusual way.


"It was just a weird look on the cat and I didn't notice the screen was out and I saw a shadow walk by the window," Davis told WFSB-TV.

Davis soon discovered a bear had entered through the window and made its way to her kitchen.

Davis, who posted a video of the bear to Facebook, sought help from a neighbor.

"He started banging on that door over there. The bear went in my room and climbed out my window," Davis said.

She said the bruin did not cause much damage inside the house.

"There was a lollipop stuck to the rug. It pulled out the snack tray. It was pulled to the edge but there was only a package of vanilla wafers and those dots and that was it," Davis said.

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