TikTok chefs cook up world's largest chicken nugget

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June 13 (UPI) -- A TikTok cooking duo broke their second Guinness World Record by creating the world's largest chicken nugget, which weighed in at 46 pounds and 3.34 ounces.

Nick DiGiovanni Lynn "Lynja" Davis previously broke a Guinness World Record in November 2021, when they created the world's largest cake pop.


The duo broke their second world record by cooking up a chicken nugget approximately 115 times larger than an average chicken nugget.

The pair said the mixture that made up the inside of the nugget included 40 pounds of ground chicken, 40 eggs, 40 slices of white bread, half a gallon of whole milk, 3/4 cup onion powder, 3/4 cup garlic powder, 1 cup salt and 1/2 cup black pepper.

The nugget was then brushed with more eggs and coated in bread crumbs before baking.

"In order to bake this chicken nugget, since it's so large, we had to build a special contraption," DiGiovanni said.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to confirm the new record.

The nugget was then cut into portions and shared with the chefs' friends, family and crew members.

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