Woman finds more than $36,000 stashed in free Craigslist couch

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June 7 (UPI) -- A California woman brought home some furniture she got for free on Craigslist and made a surprising discovery in a couch cushion -- more than $36,000 cash.

Vicky Umodu said she spotted two couches and a matching chair being given away for free on Craigslist and thought they would be perfect for her new home in Colton, San Bernardino County.


Umodu said she called the person who made the listing and found out the furniture had belonged to a recently deceased relative and the family was trying to get rid of everything on the property.

"I just moved in, and I don't have anything in my house. I was so excited, so we picked it up and brought it in," Umodu told KABC-TV.

Umodu said she soon discovered there was something unusual about one of the sofa cushions, so she unzipped it and reached inside.

"I could feel there was a bunch of paper," she told The Washington Post. "When I pulled it out, I was shocked."

The cushion contained multiple envelopes that turned out to contain more than $36,000 cash.

"I was just telling my son, 'Come, come, come!' I was screaming, 'this is money! I need to call the guy,'" Umodu recalled.


Umodu spoke to the person who had made the Craigslist posting and they said the family had discovered other envelopes of cash hidden around the home.

The family gave Umodu a $2,200 reward for returning the envelopes of cash. She said she plans to spend the money on a new refrigerator.

"I was not expecting a dime from him, I was not," she said.

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