Fugitive lamb captured on South Carolina tennis court

May 27 (UPI) -- A lamb was captured, after wandering loose for nearly a week in a South Carolina community, when members of the public lured it onto a tennis court.

Kelly Housaman said she spotted the lamb feasting on a resident's lawn near the Hampton Hall Club in Bluffton on Monday.


"Another couple who had also spotted it drove up on their golf cart and showed me a video of the sheep swimming in the lagoon with two gators coming after it," Housaman told WSAV-TV.

Housaman and the couple followed the sheep through multiple back yards, until it returned to the lagoon.

"About 2 feet away from me is another giant gator," Housaman said. "All I can think is, 'Please don't make me gator bait while chasing this sheep.'"

Housaman said the lamb fled into a wooded area after about an hour and she and the couple lost track of it.

Paul Tollefson, Hampton Hall's tennis director, said he spotted the lamb when he arrived for work the following morning. He said the young sheep appeared fascinated with a woman who was walking her two golden retrievers.

"Not sure if it was trying to play or what. The old lady was scared to death that her dogs were going to attack it. I tried to use my best sheep whispering, to no avail," he said.


Tollefson had the woman walk onto the tennis court with her dogs in the hopes the lamb would follow. The sheep dashed onto the court and Tollefson closed the gates, trapping it.

"This is a first for my job.... Ye ole sheep on the court," Tollefson wrote in a Facebook post with video of the lamb wandering the tennis court. "If anyone can come catch it, I got him fenced in.

The post came to the attention of Housaman, who arrived at the court with Beaufort County Animal Services personnel.

Housaman was able to get hold of the lamb with help from a security guard and Animal Services Director Tallulah Trice.

"The sheep made a last-ditch leap and I caught the rope on my hand and grabbed him," Housaman said.

The lamb was loaded into a carrier and turned over to animal services custody.

Trice said the lamb has been on the loose for about six days. She said no owner has come forward to claim it.

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