Pet owner searching for two peacocks on the loose in Kansas

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May 3 (UPI) -- A Kansas woman is asking neighbors to keep an eye out for a pair of unusual runaway pets -- two peacocks.

Anje Kearney said four peacocks -- named Harry, Jack, Luna and Ginny -- escaped from her Topeka home on Friday, and she didn't realize the birds had gotten out until she saw a video on social media of the birds walking down a local street.


Kearney said Luna and Ginny came home on their own, but the other two birds remain on the loose. She said Harry was seen in a tree Monday, but refused to come down. Jack has not been seen since Friday, Kearney said.

Kearney said she is going out every day to search for the missing birds, which she said had never escaped before. She is asking anyone who spots one of the birds to contact her.

Shanna Simpson, animal curator at the Topeka Zoo, said members of the public should not chase the birds if they are spotted wandering loose.

"They can be dangerous," Simpson told KSNT-TV. "And they aren't going to obviously seek out people and hurt them and hunt them. However, they can be aggressive if they're threatened. So it is recommended that you don't chase them or try to catch them."


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