David Rush earns Guinness World Record for most blind beach ball passes

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May 2 (UPI) -- David Rush of Idaho has earned yet another Guinness World Record -- this time for the most blind beach ball passes in 30 seconds.

Rush uploaded footage of his new record to his YouTube channel, which featured the 36-year-old catching and tossing a beach ball while being blindfolded.


"Sometimes you have to perform even when one of you is flying blind. Practice, feedback, repeat," Rush said on Twitter.

The previous record was set at 16 with Rush able to beat it with 18 catches.

Rush noted on his website that Guinness requires that the ball must hit nothing but hands and that the ball must be lifted above the head to demonstrate that it has been caught.

"It's hard to judge just how hard the record is until you've tried it yourself with the blindfold on. When is the ball coming and where is it going to land? When do you squeeze your hands to grasp it? A split-second too early and the ball will simply bounce off your hands and a split second too late and it will hit you on the chest," he said.


Rush is a serial Guinness World Record-breaker and hopes to earn his 250th record in 2022. He breaks records in an effort to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.

Rush recently recaptured a Guinness World Record title by balancing a chainsaw on his chin for 37 minutes and 56 seconds.

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