Escape artist dog rescued from roof of New Jersey home

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April 26 (UPI) -- Animal control officers in New Jersey responded to an unusual call when a dog squeezed out between an air conditioner and a window frame and ended up stranded on the roof of a home.

Ravan Magrath said her 3-year-old dog, Tobie, had gotten out onto the roof of her Montclair building before, but she was able to safely coax him back inside.


Magrath put baby gates on her windows to prevent Tobie from getting out again, but a neighbor was watching on a recent day when the dog found another way out.

Norm Solomon told Montclair Local he heard a crashing noise and looked up to see Tobie squeezing out of a window "like toothpaste from a tube between the sill and the air conditioner."

Montclair Township animal control officers arrived at the home and determined Tobie was in danger of losing his balance on the sloped roof.

One officer held another by the legs as he climbed partway out the window to reach the stranded canine. The rescue was caught on camera by Solomon and posted to Facebook by Animal Control Officers & Animal Cruelty Investigators of Montclair Township.


Magrath said Tobie was not injured and she is taking further steps to "Tobie-proof" her apartment.

"I don't know if he's Evil Knievel or if he's Houdini, but he's one of the two," Magrath said.

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