Blind driver breaks speed record in New Mexico

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April 11 (UPI) -- A race car driver who was blinded in an accident 10 years ago broke a Guinness World Record by driving a customized cat at a speed of 211.043 mph.

Dan Parker took to the track at Spaceport America in Truth or Consequences, N.M., in his customized Corvette and broke the Guinness World Record for fastest speed for a car driven blindfolded.


Parker reached a top speed of 211.043 mph, beating the previous record of 200.51 mph.

Parker, who achieved the record on the 10-year anniversary of the day he was blinded in a racing accident, used an audio guidance system to help him control the vehicle during his attempt.

The record attempt was part of the National Federation of the Blind's Blind Driver Challenge.

"We have not only demonstrated that a blind person can operate a vehicle safely, but that we can do it at over two hundred miles per hour," Parker told the Las Cruces Sun News.

"We hope this success inspires blind people and shows the world the potential of modern technology like self-driving cars to help the blind break barriers in everyday mobility and beyond."


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