Escaped wallaby caught on camera in West Virginia neighborhood

April 8 (UPI) -- A wallaby that was caught on camera hopping loose through a West Virginia neighborhood is safely back at home with its owner.

Kaitlyn Pulliam of St. Albans said she returned home from a Taco Bell run about 10:58 p.m. Wednesday to find an animal she initially thought to be a kangaroo hopping through her front yard.


Pulliam captured photos and a video of the animal, which she posted to Facebook.

Local animal rescue group PigPig of St. Albans shared Pulliam's video and said rescuers were on their way to the neighborhood.

The group said the search was called off after 1 a.m. Thursday without any further sightings of the marsupial.

PigPig said Thursday morning that the wallaby's owner had reached out to report the animal was safely back at home.

The wallaby, named Pantoufle, has his own Instagram and Facebook pages. Pantoufle's owner, who did not want to be identified, said the wallaby escaped through a malfunctioning basement door.

The owner said a neighbor helped capture Pantoufle in the parking lot of a local orthodontist's office.

"Fortunately, he is no longer small enough to crawl under the car so we grabbed his tail and pulled him out," the owner told WOWK-TV.


A post on Pantoufle's Facebook page thanked local residents for their help.

"I managed to get out of the house last night and made a ruckus in the neighborhood," the post said. "Thankfully, my neighbors helped my hooman to get me home safely at 11 p.m.! Thank you for all that are worrying about me."

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