National Beer Day celebrates the Cullen-Harrison Act of 1933

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April 7 (UPI) -- National Beer Day, marked annually on April 7, celebrates the day a law went into effect in 1933 that allowed the brewing and sale of beer up to 4% alcohol by volume.

The holiday was first proposed in 2009 by Richmond, Va., beer enthusiast Justin Smith, and the date April 7 was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the date that the Cullen-Harrison Act took effect in 1933.


The Cullen-Harrison Act allowed for the brewing and sale of beer containing up to 4% alcohol by volume. The act led to the repeal of the 21st Amendment and the end of Prohibition later in the same year.

National Beer Day was officially recognized in a 2017 proclamation by then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia.

Other holidays and observances for April 7 include Coffee Cake Day, International Beaver Day, International Snailpapers Day, National Burrito Day, No Housework Day and Public Television Day.

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