Canadian woman reunited with lost cat after 5 years

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April 4 (UPI) -- A Canadian woman was reunited with her cat five years after the feline went missing thanks to the pet's microchip.

Elizabeth Antev said she and her family were living in Edmonton, Alberta, five years ago when their cat, Kiki, failed to come home.


"She's always been such a great cat. She just wants you to pet her, anyone who's met her knows that you don't want to lose this cat," Antev told Global News.

Antev said her family searched for Kiki for months, using flyers, signs and word of mouth.

"We put out food for her, we put out a trap, but we never caught anything -- not her or anything else," she said.

Antev and her family moved to Ontario about a year after Kiki went missing, but Antev said she refused to change her phone number to a local area code because she wanted the information on the cat's microchip to be current if Kiki turned up.

Hana Kadri, who lives in the Rapperswill neighborhood of Edmonton, about a 10-minute drive from Antev's former home, said she recently started leaving food out after spotting a small cat on her backyard camera.


"I was home so I would see her come eat, and she would come three times a day for food, so I posted on a local Facebook page to see if she belonged to anyone," Kadri said.

Kadri said a neighbor helped her capture the feline, and they took her to a local veterinarian, where a scan of the animal's microchip identified her as the long-lost Kiki.

"Five years later I got a call from the vet saying, 'We have Kiki,'" Antev said. "I just started sobbing. I was in shock."

A friend picked the now-13-year-old cat up from the veterinarian and took her to Edmonton International Airport, where she caught a flight to her family's new home in Ontario.

Antev said Kiki is settling in well at her new home, and her days of wandering outdoors are behind her.

"She doesn't seem to be too interested in the door anymore -- I don't think she's going anywhere," she said.

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