Pigs chase off pen-invading bear outside Connecticut home

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March 22 (UPI) -- A Connecticut woman's security camera was recording when a bear entered the pen holding her two pigs -- and ended up being chased away by the scrappy swine.

Rebecca Shaw's Ring camera captured footage showing the bear entering the pig pen outside of her New Milford home.


The video shows one of the pigs, Mary, head-butting the bear into a fence, before being joined by fellow pig Hamlet, who charged at the bear until it fled.

"I am very proud of them because Hammy, the little one especially, he's afraid of his own shadow and the way he came charging out when he seen Mary tussling with the bear," Shaw told WVIT-TV. "He was like 'oh no, no way, get out.'"

Shaw said the pigs were not injured in the confrontation.

"Not even a scratch," Shaw told the News Times. "I'm still blown away."

Shaw said Mary and Hamlet are now getting extra watermelon and Pop Tarts, their favorite treats.

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