Brazilian speedrunner sets new 41.022-second 'Super Mario World' record

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March 10 (UPI) -- A Brazilian video gaming enthusiast broke a Guinness World Record when he completed 1990 Super Nintendo game Super Mario World in only 41.022 seconds.

Matheus Furtado, known as FURiOUS online, broke the speed record for completing Super Mario World in the "0 Exit" category, meaning he used a glitch in the game to reach the end credits without finishing a single level.


Furtado's time of 41.022 seconds took the Guinness World Record from U.S. gamer SethBling, who set the previous fastest time of 41.350 seconds in April 2020.

Furtado said his work as a software developer gave him prior experiences with glitches and bugs.

"Turning programming flaws in these games into something useful, like shortening a record time, is what inspires me to break records in this kind of speedrun category," he told Guinness.

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