Scottish woman checks bank account after six decades, $3.35 became $335

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Feb. 28 (UPI) -- A Scottish woman who rediscovered a bank account she hadn't touched in over 60 years was surprised to learn her $3.35 balance had ballooned into $335.

Carol Allison, 74, who grew up in the Philippines, said she was visiting her grandmother in Scotland when she was 6-years-old when the older woman helped her open an account at Trustee Savings Bank, which is now TSB.


Allison said her grandmother kept the bank book from the deposit and it was passed down to her when her grandmother died at the age of 80 in 1969.

Allison, who now lives in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh, said she recently rediscovered the bank book, and two others, while cleaning her house.

She took the book to the bank and discovered her account was still active. She said the $3.35 she had invested in the bank more than six decades earlier was now $335.

"I was really pleased and thanked my grandmother, under my breath, when they told me I had £250 [U.S. $335]," Allison told the BBC. "They said it had continued to gain interest all that time."

Allison said she is now planning to find out if the other two bank books bring any further unexpected windfall.


"I'm now going to see how much has accrued in the other two now, it's very exciting," she said.

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