Australian man stacks six M&M's, earns world record

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Feb. 18 (UPI) -- A serial Guinness World Record-breaker from Australia recaptured his former record by arranging six M&M's into a vertical stack.

Brendan Kelbie, 22, previously stacked four M&M's in 2020, equaling the record originally set by Italian Silvio Sabba and making him the joint holder of the title.


The record was broken in June 2021, when British man Will Cutbill created a stack of five M&M's, and Rocco Mercurio of Italy became a joint holder of the record when he equaled the total the following month.

Kelbie recaptured the title by stacking six M&M's into a tower that stood for at least 10 seconds at his home in Queensland, Guinness World Records said.

"I've decided to break this record because I'm a serial record breaker, and I am a versatile world record holder," Kelbie told Guinness.

The Australian's other records include most drumstick flips in 1 minute (98), longest duration spinning a basketball on a pair of spectacles (29.67 seconds), tallest tower of dice stacked on the back of the hand in 30 seconds while blindfolded (13), most dice stacked into a tower in 30 seconds while blindfolded (20) and longest duration spinning a basketball on the nose (9.57 seconds).


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