Man balances four eggs atop one another to break Guinness record

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Feb. 11 (UPI) -- A Yemen man broke his own Guinness World Record when he managed to stack four eggs atop one another without toppling.

Mohammed Muqbel, who first set the record when he stacked three eggs, beat his own record during an attempt in Istanbul, Turkey, where he managed to stack four eggs in a tower.


Muqbel said the feat was more difficult than it looks.

"Many around the world fail to realize the hard work associated with balancing," he told Guinness World Records. "Balancing takes a toll on your body because of the high levels of focus needed to achieve such a thing."

He said balancing requires "tremendous patience, focus and calmness."

"The most difficult part from the attempt was finding the center of gravity for each egg due to its unique shape and texture," he said.

Muqbel said he discovered he had a talent for balancing at a young age.


"I consider myself an ambitious person, and I aim to showcase my skills to the whole world one day," he said. "Breaking two records has been a blessing, and I can't wait to attempt more in the future."

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