Moose eats snow from the hood of Maine woman's car

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Feb. 10 (UPI) -- A Maine woman who pulled over on a road while driving home captured footage of a fearless moose that walked up to eat snow off the hood of her car.

Margo Lukens of Orono said she and her dog had been cross-country skiing in the Caribou Bog Conservation Area and were traveling home on Taylor Road in Orono when she saw lines of cars stopped on both sides of the road.


"I could see that there was a police car, pulled over facing our traffic, on the other side and I thought, 'well, something's going on,'" Lukens told the Bangor Daily News.

Lukens said she soon spotted the reason that traffic had come to a halt -- a young moose in the road. She said the moose turned its attention to her vehicle when the car in front of her drove away.

"It came up close and began nibbling on the snow on my hood," Lukens said.

She captured video of the moose eating snow and licking at the ice on the front of her car.

"I didn't feel at all threatened by this moose. He was obviously a yearling or something," Lukens said. "I was a little bit concerned that it was being so unguarded."


Lukens said her dog was in the car with her, but the canine seemed unconcerned.

"It was a really nice moment," Lukens said, "and my dog, who's usually quite vigilant, I think she was too tired to pay attention."

Lukens said she saw a police officer and another person ushering the moose out of the roadway as she drove away from the scene.

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