Man balances 85 spoons on his body at once for Guinness World Record

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Jan. 27 (UPI) -- An Iranian man broke an unusual Guinness World Record by balancing 85 spoons in various locations on his body.

Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari, 50, who broke the record in Karaj, said he has been balancing spoons on his body since he was a child.


"I accidentally noticed this talent of mine when I was a kid," Mokhtari told Guinness World Records, "but after multiple years of practice and effort, I was able to strengthen my talent and develop it to where it is now."

Mokhtari, who bested the record of 64 spoons, set by Marcos Ruiz Ceballos of Spain, said his balancing skills aren't limited to flatware.

"Anything, I mean it, any object. Anything that has a surface I can stick to my body, such as plastic, glass, fruit, stone, wood and even a fully grown human," he said.

The record-breaker said the secret to his ability is focus.

"I focus on whatever I am trying to stick to my body, making me capable of transferring my energy and power to them," he said.

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