Police arrest 'Elsa' as prime suspect behind winter storm

By Adriana Navarro,

After a snowstorm froze over the eastern portion of the United States, South Carolina police released bodycam footage showing the arrest of a well-known ice queen.

The "rare" footage showed Elsa from Disney's Frozen franchise reveling in the freshly fallen snow that blanketed the scenery around her. Then, she spotted the police -- and ran.



Despite the poor choice of words, Elsa soon gave up the chase.

"Come on guys, just let it go," she could be heard saying.

No one was "injured or severely frozen," the Pickens Police Department said on its Facebook page. "Her accomplice, the abominable snowman, is still at large. He has unleashed more snow and ice. Help us find him."

The department used the short parody to include a reminder for motorists to be safe on the roads while driving.

A police officer in Pickens County, S.C., tells "Elsa" to "Freeze." Photo courtesy of Pickens Police Department/Facebook

The annual Elsa sighting marked only one of several common sights across North America that give winter its fantastical charm.

In California, fog rather than snow took to the stage to show off a new kind of winter wonderland. The National Weather Service's Bay Area office captured a time-lapse video of dense fog rolling through the North Bay Interior Valleys on Jan. 18, giving the appearance of a flowing sea.


Farther north and to the east, at Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario, temperatures dipped to 3 degrees below zero, freezing the waterfall solid. While the sight of a frozen waterfall was an incredible feature of the season, so was the attempt made by several visitors to scale the frozen curtain of ice.

Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario, froze completely solid on Sunday after temperatures dipped to minus 3 degrees. Onlookers watched in awe and some even tried climbing the frozen falls. Photo courtesy of Vivian Zhu/Storyful

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