Bears try to open front door of Florida home

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Dec. 30 (UPI) -- A Florida family's doorbell camera captured the moment a mother bear and her cub attempted to open the front door of their home.

Marlene Stark said she was at her home in Sanford when her Ring doorbell camera alerted her to movement on the front stoop.


"We didn't know it was bears, initially. So, we ran to the front door and said, 'Oh my goodness,' and then we immediately threw the bolt lock," Stark told WOFL-TV.

Stark said it was surprising to see a mother bear and her cub on her front stoop, although the animals are known to wander the area.

"Our neighborhood is down the road from Black Bear Wilderness Preserve, so bears are common, and we have seen them in the neighborhood," she told Fox News.

Stark said she was shocked to see one of the bears attempt to open the front door.

"I had no idea that they had that capability to open the front door. So, I'm glad it was locked," she said.

Stark said she doesn't know why the bears attempted to get into her home, although others have suggested the animals may have been attracted to the smell of her cooking.


"I was just making a roast, the pan was covered," she said. "It wasn't outside, so I don't know."

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