Iraqi artist's string art portrait breaks Guinness World Record

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Dec. 23 (UPI) -- An Iraqi artist who used string to create a portrait measuring more than 67 square feet achieved a Guinness World Record for the largest pin and thread art.

Saeed Howidi Bashoon, 23, said he used 500 pins and 21,775 feet of string to create a portrait of Egyptian vitiligo advocate Logina Salah that covers an area of 67 square feet, 20 square inches.


Salah, a makeup artist, has vitiligo, a condition that affects skin pigment. She aims to help women accept their unique attributes.

"I had my battles for acceptance for the past 15 years. Today, being on a work of art that holds a Guinness World Records title makes me feel empowered and responsible to spread strength and hope for those who share this skin-disorder," Salah told Guinness World Records.

Bashoon said he became interested in string art when he received a piece as a gift in Lebanon. He said it sparked a desire to learn how it was made, and soon he was creating his own pieces.


He said the medium turned out to be surprisingly physical.

"It requires a lot of stamina and physical power. You might end up doing hundreds of squat-like movements to complete one side of the artwork," he said.

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