Large spider interrupts Australian official's news conference

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Dec. 17 (UPI) -- A health official in Queensland, Australia, had her COVID-19 news conference interrupted by a large huntsman spider.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath was conducting an outdoor news conference to discuss the need for businesses to comply with recent vaccination policies when someone point out there was a large spider on her podium.


"Okay, can somebody please get that spider off?" D'Ath asked.

Chief Health Officer John Gerrard attempted to shoo the huntsman spider away with some papers, but the officials soon lost track of the arachnid.

"This shows how controlled I can be," D'Ath joked. "I don't like huntsmans, but I'm going to keep going. If he comes anywhere near my face, let me know."

The spider was spotted by D'Ath's feet, but eventually wandered away.

"Well, that was a moment, wasn't it?" she said. "We've got COVID and we've got spiders."

Huntsman spiders are large and can carry a painful bite, but the bites are not considered dangerous to humans.

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