Texas homeowner's security camera captures dozens of visiting hogs

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Dec. 15 (UPI) -- A Texas man who spotted evidence of wild hog activity outside his home checked his security camera footage and was shocked to see dozens of the animals had visited overnight.

Glen Garner of Sienna said he was walking his daughter to the bus stop when he saw the footprints and other evidence that hogs had visited his yard during the night.


"I saw a ton of damage," Garner told KHOU-TV. "In our front yard, in our neighbor's yard. Some of the houses down the street were hit worse than others."

Garner said he checked his security camera footage and expected to see wild hogs, but he was shocked to see how many of the animals had been through his yard. He estimated 25-30 hogs were in the troop.

"You've seen one hog, OK," Garner said. "And then you see the whole family troop filing in. It's just really bizarre."

He said the hogs did a lot of damage in a very short amount of time.

"They move really quickly," Garner said. "Looking back on our camera, they were in our yard less than a minute."

The Sienna Homeowner's Association said wild hogs coming down the banks of the Brazos River have become a seasonal problem in local neighborhoods.


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