Family finds venomous snake slithering in their Christmas tree

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Dec. 13 (UPI) -- A wildlife rescuer in South Africa was summoned to a home in which a family found a venomous snake slithering in the branches of their Christmas tree.

Gerrie Heyns, owner of reptile rescue service Snake Lives Matter, said he was called to a home near McGregor, in the Western Cape area, when the residents spotted a venomous boomslang in the tree.


Heyns said he arrived at the home 90 minutes later to find the snake still slithering in the branches.

Heyns posted a video to his business' YouTube channel showing how he captured the snake with a pair of specialized tongs.

The rescuer later posted a second video showing the serpent being released into the wild.

Heyns said the incident marked the first time he had been called to remove a snake from a Christmas tree.

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